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Miller Premier Services offers professional air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial customers. We understand that the hot, humid summers of Delaware make your indoor air comfort a necessity. We are proud to serve various regions in Delaware, including:

  • New Castle County
  • Kent County
  • Sussex County
  • Eastern Maryland
  • lower Pennsylvania
  • And other nearby communities

An air conditioning system is a major investment. We know that whether you are purchasing a new unit out of necessity because you need a replacement immediately, or you are looking to upgrade to save on utility costs, our trustworthy technicians will help you make the best decision for your home or business.

As a leading air conditioner servicing company, we specialize in residential and commercial air conditioning service. Our AC company offers services that include:

When you need to keep cool, you can count on our reliable contractors for expert AC repair right when you need it most.

New Air Conditioning Unit Installations

Have your AC bills been higher than usual lately? Has your air conditioner broken down during a brutal heatwave? Our service professionals will help you decide if your AC unit can be repaired, or If you need a new air conditioner installation. Whether your aging unit needs replacing, or you need to install a unit for the first time, you can trust our technicians to help you choose the right make and model. We’ve been the most trusted air conditioning company, winning local “Best- of” awards for more than 10 consecutive years. We have the experience that you can depend on when selecting your new AC unit.

It’s essential to choose the right size model for your home or business. If you choose a model that’s too small, it will be forced to work overtime. That will likely lead to breakdowns and reduced longevity for your unit. Meanwhile, one that’s oversized will be sucking up more energy than you need — and causing you to pay high energy bills. Let our technicians help you choose the ideal air conditioning system for you.

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Licensed, Bonded & Insured

With these credentials, you can bet that each and every person you interact with at Miller Premier Services is always on time and reliable, not to mention friendly and accommodating. Also, be sure to ask a team member about the latest warranties and our affordable financing solutions for Middletown homes and businesses.

Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repairs

Is your air conditioning unit making too much noise? Do you want to ensure that everything is working correctly before the start of the summer? Our AC service experts perform reliable repairs and maintenance. When you contact us for service, we’ll visit your home or business to inspect your system. Our maintenance programs are designed to help identify signs of wear and tear before they can lead to major problems. If you need repairs, we will provide an upfront cost for our service and parts. Our technicians can work on any make or model AC unit. Plus, we take part in ongoing training to ensure that we’re able to work on the latest models too.

If you have an emergency situation and need us to fix your air conditioner right away, you can rely on us for our 24/7 emergency service. Our on-call techs can quickly visit your home or business, troubleshoot the problem, and provide the necessary fix.

Rely on Miller Premier Services for all your air conditioning service needs. We pride ourselves on maintaining fair rates. If you have questions or wish to schedule an inspection of your AC unit, contact us today.

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Brands We Service

Miller Premier Services provides maintenance and repair services for all makes and models. Here are the most common brands that we see in homes and businesses throughout our local service region.

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