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For more than three decades, home and business owners have turned to Miller Premier Services for their HVAC needs, including heating services and cooling services throughout Delaware, and of course, our full suite of Delaware plumbing repair and installation. These days, we’ve branched out and expanded our service area to include all of Delaware, Eastern Maryland, and parts of Pennsylvania. Our recent service expansion allows us to install commercial and residential electrical systems and appliances, as well as maintaining them with a comprehensive suite of professional electrical services. Also, since safety is vital for homeowners and business owners, every electrical system we install is regularly tested and inspected to the latest industry requirements.

Electrical Solutions for Delaware Homeowners

Our electricians are well-versed in the electrical needs of any residence, from single-family and multi-family homes to apartments and condos. Our basic electrical services for residents include installing or improving wiring, adding lights, replacing old switches, etc. Usually, the needs of these components don’t exceed 240 volts of electricity or thereabouts.

If you’re building or buying a new home, our residential electricians will ensure your electrical is up to code, including wiring your outlets and switches and installing the main power system for your entire house. If down the road you need more outlets, more switches, or want to install a chandelier or recessed lighting, we can do that too. And if you’re already comfortably living in a house, our electricians can help you with adding dimmers, hiding cords, and installing and wiring complex home entertainment systems.

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Commercial Electrical Solutions in Delaware

Our Delaware electricians offer a variety of electrical services for businesses. Here are some examples:

Emergency Lighting

If your business’s main electricity fails due to weather or a power-grid failure, you can contact us for complete emergency lighting services. These services include various self-contained and battery-operated options such as escape lighting, open area lighting, standby light, and high-risk work area lighting.

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LED Lighting

LED lights are economical and last far longer than the alternatives. Our electricians will install LED lighting across your property both internally and externally, connecting the main areas of your choosing.

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Exterior Lighting

For every business, the outside of the property must be safely lit for visitors and employees as well as aesthetically pleasing and professional for a good first impression. From security lights on walls to path lights and overhead lighting, our electricians can support your company’s outside lighting needs.

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Data Cabling

When it comes to cabling, there can be a lot of troubleshooting involved. That’s why it’s important to hire a well-qualified team of electricians to oversee your data cabling needs. For example, if you have multiple devices that require cabling, our trusted electricians can help connect your devices to an IT network. Also, if you have CCTV that needs to be connected to a computer system, our team can complete this for you. Additionally, we perform regular maintenance on your data cabling system to detect any issues that could cause the system to malfunction or go offline. All of these sophisticated services are integral to businesses that want to maintain a secure, efficient environment while keeping downtime to a minimum.

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Hire an Experienced Delaware Electrician Today

No matter what electrical needs your residence or business requires, it’s critically important to hire trained professionals for the job. At Miller Premier Services, our electricians have the certification, accreditation, and know-how to deliver high-quality home and commercial electrical solutions that will keep your home or business powered up safely for years to come.

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Brands We Service

Miller Premier Services provides maintenance and repair services for all makes and models. Here are the most common brands that we see in homes and businesses throughout our local service region.