To maintain our standing as one of the leading HVAC service providers in Delaware, the Miller Premier Services team keeps up with the latest trends and happenings in our industry. One topic that’s been talked about a lot lately is how office temperature affects worker productivity, and what the ideal temperature is. Believe it or not, a variance of just a few degrees can significantly impact employees’ focus and thus a company’s bottom line. 

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How Temperature Affects Productivity

Research shows that as temperature rises, productivity declines. This on its own isn’t an Earth-shattering revelation – after all, it makes sense that male and female workers, despite their biological differences, would be less productive in an office where the temperature exceeds 90 degrees. Likewise, if the temperature drops to, say, 60 degrees or below, employees will spend more time tracking down a blanket and less time focused on their latest project. 

Office Layout

Today’s Delaware office managers need to consider not only who is working in the office, but also how their building is designed. For example, large windows that let in a lot of sunlight can make a room feel warmer. Moreover, high ceilings contribute to poor air distribution, which puts more stress on an office HVAC system. Knowing the building, as well as the people in it, is crucial to establishing an ideal temperature. Once this information is known, our AC and heating installation professionals can help out on the technical side. 

Biological Factors

Weight is an important factor, as it affects how a person reacts to temperature and fluctuations. People who weigh more will feel warm more quickly, while those who weigh less are prone to feeling cold faster. Age is also important – as humans get older, particularly above 55, we tend to be more affected by the cold. Thus an older workforce may benefit from a slightly warmer office temperature.


Another key variable is humidity. Excessive humidity can affect a person’s ability to sweat, which can lead to heat exhaustion. On the flip side, low humidity can make the air feel colder than it is, which is also problematic since this can cause skin, throat, and nasal passages to feel dry and uncomfortable. Being either too humid or not humid enough affects perceived temperature and comfort levels. So keeping a good relative humidity level of around 40% is key to maintaining a healthy, productive office environment. 

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Ultimately, having a heating and cooling system that functions well can make a difference in your office temperature. Our HVAC technicians have the know-how and expertise to ensure your heating system runs smoothly so you can make sure your workers can focus on what they do best in Delaware. The composition of a company’s workforce determines what the ideal office temperature is. For more information, call 302-750-2409 the cooling and heating maintenance experts at Miller Premier Services. 


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