Everyone wants to stay healthy – and breathing quality indoor air is a big step towards feeling good. Chemical gases, dust, and mold are primarily responsible for respiratory problems experienced indoors. Rely on these tips from Miller Heating to help optimize the air quality of your home and keep it fresh all year long.

Open the Windows

Opening the windows on a sunny day is a timeless practice that’s essential to maintaining fresh indoor air. Over time, and often without a homeowner even knowing it, concentrations of carbon dioxide and other unhealthy chemicals gradually increase in a home. This renders indoor air much less healthy than outdoor air, so open your windows as much as possible and let the fresh air in.

Take Out The Garbage

This may seem like a no-brainer, but in these busy times it’s easy to grow a little lax when it comes to taking out the garbage. It’s not a good habit to get into, because the longer trash remains in a home, the more detrimental it is to indoor air quality. Decaying foods can spawn molds and other noxious odors harmful to kids and adults alike, so stay on top of trash disposal and ensure the air remains untainted.

Improve Ventilation

Quality in-home ventilation is one of the best ways to lower the concentration of air pollutants and remove them outright. A homeowner that makes timely appointments with Miller Heating and Cooling for local HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning services, can be assured of consistent ventilation and ideal air circulation. This ensures that the home is clean and free of debris.

Use Air Purifiers

Along with clean air ducts, an air purifier is an excellent option for removing pollutants from a home. An air purifier functions as a “right-hand man” during home cleaning sessions, sucking up the dust thrown into the air during vacuuming and dusting. And when you’re not cleaning, the air purifier works hard to eliminate contaminants, leaving the home clean and fresh.

Keep Air Humidity Low

Increase your advantage over airborne contaminants by keeping your home’s indoor air humidity low. Miller’s, your nearby heating and cooling firm recommends a humidity level of 30% – 50%, which is the sweet spot for reducing the likelihood of dust mites and mold growth. Both these pollutants can lead to allergic reactions, skin rashes, and eye problems, but they aren’t nearly as threatening in a low-humidity environment.

Vacuum Regularly

Aside from opening the windows, vacuuming is the easiest way to reduce airborne particles. Every homeowner knows that dust is ubiquitous, inhabiting carpets, furniture, and every other surface in the house. Carpets and leather furniture are the biggest dust magnets, so make sure you’re “de-dusting” these places regularly. By preventing dust from ever gaining a foothold, fresh in-home air will be the norm.

For Clean Home Air, Trust Miller Heating

Cleaning your home’s air and keeping it clean requires an investment in time and energy, but Miller Heating is here to help. From air duct cleaning and thermostat optimization to air filter cleaning and HVAC equipment inspection, our professional team helps your family breathe easy all year long.


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