Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Of course not. And neither should your home’s indoor air quality. 2020’s been a rough year for us all. We’ve had to accept the things we cannot change, and find the courage to change the things we can. One thing you can change is the IAQ in your home. Clean air is the foundation for healthy living. Make breathing cleaner indoor air one of your New Year’s resolutions, and better equip yourself, and the ones you love, to succeed.

Clean Ducts, Clean Air

First things first. Are your air ducts and filters clean? Your air ducts have the very important job of tunneling fresh warm (or cool) air to your home. Your filters are tasked with trapping allergens, dust, and airborne particulates before they can affect your health. However, if left untended, a build up of dust, debris, and bacteria, in your filters and in your ducts, is inevitable. These contaminants are released into the air you and your family breathes every time you use your HVAC system. A simple, yet thorough air duct cleaning performed by one of our technicians uses professional air duct cleaning equipment to scrub away contaminants and their residue, leaving your ducts and vents to sparkle like a sequined NYE party dress (maybe we exaggerate, but you get the picture.) As a bonus, getting rid of these obstructions can improve air circulation, which helps your HVAC unit stay healthy, too.

Bring Nature Indoors, Breathe Deeply

Speaking of IAQ and your health, houseplants are a natural way to breathe better indoors. Many studies report the health benefits of being outside in nature. Bringing nature inside is also a thing. According to a WebMD article, “researchers found that rooms with plants have less dust and mold than rooms without any foliage. Leaves and other parts of the plants act as natural filters to catch allergens and other airborne particles.” Houseplants don’t just trap dust, they also clean the air by the way they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Some excellent choices for plants that require light maintenance include, Bamboo Palm, Aloe, Rubber Tree and Red-Edged Dracaena.     Turns out it’s easy bein’ green!


Dust Free Beyond New Year’s Eve

There are many small things you can do in your every day routine to help keep your IAQ high. Fix any plumbing leaks to prevent mold growth. Use a vacuum with sealed system technology and a HEPA filter. Use a damp cloth or dust-trapping microfiber when you dust to prevent it flying right back into the air you breathe. Clean bedding often, in water that is at least 130° F. If possible, vent your clothes dryer to the outside, and consider a dryer vent cleaning (we do that, too.)


So, delve into cleaner IAQ while the year is new. Turn over a new leaf! Give us a ring at t and visit our website ( to get all the details on our latest specials, like Financing for 6 Years, $30 Off Any Repair, 10 year warranty on parts and labor, and more.


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