Air conditioning is essential for staying cool and comfortable during the hot Delaware summers, and with multiple days in June peaking above 90 degrees, efficient cooling is going to be especially important this year. It’s no secret that air conditioners can use a lot of energy, and heavy use can increase your monthly bills during the summer and early fall.

During the heat and humidity of July and August, not using your home’s air conditioning simply isn’t an option unless you’re prepared to sweat it out; but if you’re regularly surprised by the size of your summer energy bill, taking one or more simple steps to optimize your air conditioner’s efficiency can cut the size of your bills and increase the lifespan of your appliance.

Here’s how you can keep your home cooler and greener with the right air conditioning maintenance practices:  

Check Your Seals & Insulation 

Oftentimes, a significant portion of the cold air that your air conditioner produces ends up escaping your home through older window seals or poor insulation. You still pay for this lost air, but it ends up keeping the neighborhood cool instead of your home. Worn seals on older windows can often be difficult to detect. To check, run your hand along the outside of your closed window while your air conditioning is on. If you feel a substantial amount of cold air escaping, then it may be time to caulk or replace your windows. Fixing any leaks you may have can ensure that the air you pay for stays in your home and keeps you and your family cool.

Clean Your Outdoor Condenser Unit 

Your air conditioner’s condenser is the large, box-shaped appliance that sits just outside your home. It performs the very important task of releasing the hot and humid air from your home to the outside so that you don’t have to sit in it. If your condenser’s coils are dirty, it can decrease flow and adversely affect your system’s ability to cool air as it enters your home. Over time, it is inevitable that your condenser will become dirty, but you can avoid the negative effects on your system by having the coils thoroughly cleaned before the summer stretch.

Consider Moving Your Thermostat 

It may seem unimportant, but the placement of the thermostat can actually have a significant impact on how your air conditioner cools your home. If your thermostat is next to a heat source, such as a window that gets a lot of sun, it will incorrectly read the temperature in your home and cause your air conditioner to work harder than necessary. A misplaced thermostat may go unnoticed, but it can lead to serious energy waste over time. Ideally, your thermostat should be on an interior wall, as close as possible to the center of your home.

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