Hello again, Delaware. Can you believe it’s already August? In our day, August was still considered Summer. While the weather supports that, the back-to-school calendar tells an increasingly different tale. You may need an AC Tune Up to get you through to Labor Day (and to prevent shopping for school supplies just to cool off or to use a working bathroom…) Miller Premier Services is your go-to for Plumbing and Electrical Services, too.

But, we’d be willing to wager, as you drive to (or past) our numerous public schools in the Dover/Newark area, that you probably know the names of these schools, but nothing about the person they were named after! That notion intrigued us in the spirit of being a tourist in our own back yards. So, here’s the deal behind a few household names in our area!

  1. Elisabeth Maclary Elementary School was named after a retired Newark teacher. Known in the day as Miss Rachel Elisabeth Stroud (1897-1980), she started her career in 1914 in a one-room K-8 school house (located on the present Shue-Medill site.) She returned to teaching in 1931after being widowed and came to the Newark Special School District in 1935. She taught grades 5-8 and 7th and 8th grade mathematics, and was known by her principal and superintendent as a “master teacher.” She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Delaware, and was a member of national honorary teachers’ society Delta Kappa Gamma, and Chairman of the Americanization Committee of the Cooch’s Bridge Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1976, the Nature Center was constructed to pay homage to Mrs. Maclary’s interest in nature.

Caesar Rodney High School (and Caesar Rodney School District) are named after the founding father and signer of the Declaration of Independence who would go on to be the 4th President of Delaware from 1777-1781. Caesar Rodney is also famous for a midnight ride, like Paul Revere, where he rode to the doorstep of Independence Hall to cast the decisive Delaware vote for Independence.

Maj. George S. Welch Elementary School (The #2 in Best Public Elementary Schools in Kent County) was named after one of the heroes of Pearl Harbor. He was one of only two fighter pilots to get airborne during the Japanese surprise attack on Hawaii in 1941. He shot down three Aichi D3A “Val” dive bombers and one Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero fighter in his Curtiss P-40B Warhawk.

So, tip your hat the next time you pass any of these schools! Remember they were once school kids themselves, and every generation has the potential for greatness.

Let us help make your HVAC, plumbing and electrical great. Though we don’t expect to have a school named after us, we’re proud of our award winning years in the HVAC biz, we’re licensed, bonded & insured, and have been voted best in Delaware over 10 times.

There’s the bell! Gotta go!


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