Nobody looks forward to allergy season. The sneezing, watery eyes, and sinus headaches aren’t anyone’s idea of a good time. But what if being indoors isn’t even giving you relief? The culprit may not be the trees and grasses. It could be your HVAC system — which means it’s time for air duct cleaning from Miller Heating and Cooling. And as it turns out, using less Kleenex is just a fringe benefit; you’ll notice some other things, too.

How Duct Cleaning Works

In some ways, your HVAC system is like a set of lungs for your home. It circulates thousands of cubic feet of air per day through a system of ducts, filtering and conditioning the air as it runs. Even the best filters won’t catch every last speck of dust and pollen, just like the strainer in your drain won’t catch every grain of rice or bit of grease; like your pipes, all that stuff builds up in your ducts over time, and can seriously degrade indoor air quality.

When done properly, duct cleaning removes the dust, mites, bacteria, and other contaminants that take up residence in your ductwork. We clean the system from end to end, including returns, registers, and filters in addition to the ducts themselves. That way, we’re keeping your indoor air cleaner!

Duct Cleaning Benefits

So what do you get when we’re done?

A Cleaner Home

One thing you’re likely to notice after a duct cleaning is that you’re dusting less than you were before. Even though turning on your air conditioning or heat won’t result in a stampede of dust bunnies, the crud that builds up in your ducting is being circulated through your home and leaving things with more dust than normal. A thorough cleaning addresses a prime source of household dust.

Fewer Allergens

The EPA notes that indoor air quality in many homes is worse than the air outdoors. That might sound counterintuitive, but when you know what’s lurking in the sheet metal — pollen, pet dander, residue from cigarette smoke, mold, mildew, and much more — it makes a lot more sense. Proper cleaning removes those contaminants from your system.

Better Health

There’s a follow-on effect from getting rid of the grime and allergens: you can breathe easier. Literally. If you look at the list above, you’ll notice that a lot of what we’re removing are common allergens. So if someone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, bronchitis, or other forms of respiratory distress, they’re likely to feel much better with clean air ducts.

A Clean-Smelling Home

You do your best to keep a clean home, but you may still notice that you’re going through an awful lot of Febreze, air fresheners and scented candles. Your housekeeping skills could be second to none, but if your ducts aren’t clean your home is going to have a funky smell. Cooking odors, pets, home improvement projects, and teenagers all leave their mark, after all, and those smells can permeate your whole home via your HVAC system.

System Efficiency

Earlier, we mentioned that an HVAC system moves enormous amounts of air. When your ducts are dirty, your heat and AC need to work harder to move that air. That means longer cycle times, more wear, and higher utility bills. A cleaner system does its job better, keeping you more comfortable no matter what the weather looks like outside.

Air Duct Cleaning (and More) in the MOT

Of course, duct cleaning is just one facet of keeping a clean and healthy HVAC system. Our heating and cooling maintenance services are also available year ‘round, and ensure your heat and air are always ready to give you 100%. For any heating and cooling services in the MOT, reach out to Miller Heating and Cooling today!


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